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A theatre show for teenage audiences about the life and work of pioneering Irish-born chemist,

Kathleen Lonsdale.


Professor Kathleen Lonsdale was the pioneering Irish chemist who proved that the Benzene ring is flat by using X-ray Crystallography. One of the first female Fellows of the Royal Society and winner of the Davey Medal in 1957, Professor Lonsdale was also a tenured professor, a mother of three, a vegetarian before it was cool, a former inmate of Holloway Prison, and a peace activist. In other words, a scientist and citizen vastly ahead of her contemporaries. In the public consciousness, however, she is curiously unknown.


The Lonsdale Project seeks to rectify this.  Super Paua want to tells Lonsdale’s story (and the story of hexamethylbenzane) through an accessible theatre piece for teenagers aged 11+.  Portraying the hugeness and beauty of microscopic worlds theatrically, we hope to move the field of X-ray Crystallography from the incomprehensible to the humorous, the visual, the wonderful, and bring Kathleen’s story and legacy to a new generation of scientists and citizens.

The Lonsdale Project

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The Irish Times!

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